On Yisroel’s Seminars and Courses

Shifra Robkin: “I highly recommend attending one of Rabbi Rolls classes! He is engaging, informative and shares practical and innovative ideas. I left his class with practical ways to build my children’s positive sense of self as well as engage them in the shabbos meal. I also gained a renewed understanding of my specific avodas Hashem as well as practical ways to express it.  Take advantage of this opportunity!”

Jennifer in Dallas: “I really enjoyed hearing Rabbi Roll’s lecture, it was enlightening and inspiring and helped me come away with practical inspiration!”

Gabe and Zahava Edery: “Rabbi Roll combines an understanding of Torah and psychology that make his speeches a truly unique experience. His ideas of meditation and finding a level of deveykus in hashem are something you truly will not find anywhere else. His speeches are a must attend for anyone seeking a fresh, professional perspective.”

See also this letter written by Jackie Moskowitz Shafron.